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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ugly Sweaters and Pregnant Bellies

We wanted to show off the new sense of style we are sporting these days. Aren't we cute? This is a picture from our "Ugly Sweater Bowling Night" with the InterVarsity crew. Brendan won 2nd place in the ugly sweater contest, though I contend that he should've won 1st.

Here's Brendan with his 2nd place "trophy" along with Brad, the IV chapter president.

We promised some friends we'd post some of my latest belly shots. So here's one, at 28 weeks. I still am getting comments about how small I am! I can tell you though, our little baby girl doesn't feel so small anymore. Our nighttime entertainment is watching her move around. We are convinced there is a little gymnast in there! Last night Brendan found a definite foot and she kicked him back for about 20 minutes. A Daddy's girl already.

And lastly, a baby present from my mom. (Thanks Momma!) It's the little things like this that help connect us with the fact that in 12 weeks or so we are going to have our little daughter on the outside. We can't wait! Hopefully we'll remember our Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques on the big day.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cannon Beach

Hello everyone! Here is a picture from our recent trip to the Oregon coast. You'll remember this rock from the movie "Goonies"... if you are old enough to have see it. This rock (behind us) is called Haystack Rock, and is located in the small town of Cannon Beach. We went away for a long weekend, to celebrate Katie's birthday, and to have a belated anniversary celebration.

So, we're planning on using this blog site A LOT more in the coming days and weeks, since we've got a lot to keep friends and family up to date on... especially our growing BABY! (She's not on the outside yet, but will soon be). Katie is 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and we'll be posting pictures of her soon. Enjoy, and be blessed.