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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I hoped to post a ton of pictures of the month of January in the Jamieson household, however, somewhere in all the travel, we have misplaced our camera cord. So stay tuned for pictures!

We celebrated Emma's 2nd birthday last Saturday, the 24th. It's hard to believe it's been two years since that early morning Brendan drove me to the hospital and breathed through contractions with me at the red lights, and then just a couple hours later, we were holding Emma for the first time. I'll never forget when the Dr. McCoy handed her to me and I thought, "What do I do? How do I hold her?" Then I gazed on her tiny face and fell head over heels in love with our daughter. She is such a big girl now. She tells me repeatedly, "I don't need you to hold me Mama, I'm a big girl, I'm two!" She is able to say now about everything she thinks. She speaks so clearly and asked me today, "Could you come over here and help me cutie?" (I call her that all the time). We celebrated the day of her birthday quietly, with the family, and then had a bowling birthday party the day after. It was Emma's idea and she bowled a 98! (With the bumpers) Watch for pictures soon.

We spend 9 glorious days in Hawaii with Brendan's parents. Being warm, seeing the sun, having four people to play with Emma, and a beach day just Brendan and I were such a gift. It's hard to be back in gray, cold Montana. I keep threatening to stay in Kaua'i when ever we are there.

On the adoption front, we've had a month of waiting. There was a mix up with our home study paperwork and we were basically stuck for awhile. We had hoped to complete the home visits before February. But I did speak with our social worker today and we are scheduled to have our first two home study visits on February 17th and 19th. Praise God for something tangible. Almost all of our dossier paperwork is together and we are waiting for our fingerprinting appointments. I think a lot of this whole process is waiting and praying and waiting somemore. I guess we'll have to get comfortable with it, or at least learn to trust God in the midst of it. I do know that all of this waiting and delays and work will eventually lead us to our daughter.

That's all for now, be on the look out for January photos and the home study visit update!

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