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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emma announced to Brendan and I this last week that her name was “Gobbie.” She even answered to Gobbie when I would ask her something. I’m not sure where she got this strange idea, but we got a kick out of it! Also this past week, when I was putting Emma to sleep, we had an interesting conversation. We were laying in her bed, snuggling, and she sleepily said to me, “Mama, I was proud of you.” This sparked my interest so I asked her, “When were you proud of me sweetheart?” Her answer? “When I was born.” Now if that is not what every mom who has gone through childbirth wants their children to tell them, I don’t know what is! I’ll hold onto that memory for sure! We love our little gal, she is such a joy to be around (most of the time!) and it is so fun to see she begin to express all these thoughts she is having.

On the adoption front, we were successfully fingerprinted last Monday. Did you know they don’t use ink anymore? They have a machine that you stick you fingers onto glass and then they digitally take a print. Who knew? I thought I’d take some fun inky finger photos but no luck there. We did have a great family day driving to Helena, visiting the park, seeing the cathedral there, and having lunch. Now I’ve been anxiously checking the mailbox waiting for that coveted I-171H form to come! It could be weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Last weekend Emma and I (Brendan was out of town) had the privilege of joining the local group of families that have adopted from Ethiopia for their bi-annual get together. It was so wonderful to be with other people who had gone through this process ahead of us and to see these beautiful children. They are SO beautiful! It made my heart ache to hold our little girl. All I can say was they just seemed to be thriving as a part of families. God truly puts the orphans in homes! I am so thankful that there is a group of people who live here! Five of the families were actually from Missoula. We hope to be getting to know them more!

Enjoy some pics of the last few weeks! Have a great weekend.

Easter Sunday

One of the lastest favorite things to do, paint!

Our trip to the river on a sort of warm day

Apparently, Emma was feeling tired!

The musician training continues

Peanut butter balls


jamullins said...

I hope your I-171H arrives very quickly!!! Your fingerprinting came quickly so maybe you're on a roll! :)
Cute pics. Those peanut butter balls made me hungry!
Praying for you...


Rachel Adams said...

What beautiful pictures! It reminds me once again how much I miss the three of you. As always I will be praying for these steps along the path to adoption.
My mouth is watering over the peanut butter balls, too! What I wouldn't give to have one right now...