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Monday, May 04, 2009

It's Off

Nine months of paperwork and approximately $13,000 later, we have sent our COMPLETED dossier off to America World. Once they have reviewed and approved it, it will be sent to Ethiopia and we will be assigned a waiting number. We are almost in shock that there is nothing left to do...now we wait. But it feels so good! We pray that God is just covering our daughter (who is probably conceived at this point) and her birth family in Ethiopia. We pray for His mercy toward them, that they know Him, that He will be so present with them and with her through this season of suffering that will bring our daughter to us- and that He will bring her to us quickly!

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jamullins said...

Congratulations!!! I sure remember the wonderful feeling of finally having paperwork out of the way!! Can't wait to follow your blog as your journey continues!