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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Referral Video

For a taste of the moment when we first saw the precious face of our new daughter you can watch this video. This is after we received the referral call and when we opened the pictures of her on our computer (sorry Brendan's head is not in the picture for some of the video-oops!):

This is a picture I captured today of Emma giving her sister's picture on the fridge a kiss. :)


jamullins said...

Congratulations!!! So happy for you! Hope the time flies by until you are on that plane!

Susan said...

Hi! I just saw a comment from you on a friend's blog; we also live in C'ville, and are also adopting from Ethiopia. Welcome to town, and congratulations on your referral.

Sara said...

I have tears in my eyes ...what a wonderful memory to capture on camera. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And welcome to town! There is a growing group of us families who have/are adopting from Ethiopia here in town ...maybe we can all get together this spring? There is also a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant (we just visited this week) over the mountain -- about 45 minutes from here. May be a good place to take your family to celebrate!??!!

Tiffany Wilson said...

that's awesome!! yay! can't wait to come see ALL of you someday soon!

Juli said...

This was such a beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing that with us!