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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Poem

My sweet sister Rachel (and best friend!) gave me a poem the other day that she had written for us. She has been a constant on our adoption journey, praying for us and Lilia. She is always coming alongside to listen and hope, and of course, be an amazing auntie to Emma who has needed extra special love lately. The poem brought tears to my eyes because she (as artists do) put my emotions and thoughts into a beautiful structure that expresses how I am feeling far better than mere words ever could. Here it is:

To Katie, In Waiting

This placental love that spans an ocean

in defiance of science

With careful ear can hear

the echo of your heartbeat in the

thrumming rain of Africa

in the child who has become your flesh

and wears the skin of your love.

And God who flung the stars into space

will reverse the plate techtonics

that drove these continents apart.

The umbilical cord shortens

The distant pulse dawns louder with each sunrise

as faith shrinks an ocean to a puddle

and stepping stones emerge above the waves

to lead you to the day

when eyes shall meet eyes

fingers to fingers

and you cradle your Heart once more

upon your chest.


Miska said...

Stunning and exquisite. What a gift!

porternews said...


Grace said...

What a beautiful poem...absolutely perfect!