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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The bags are packed...

and we leave tomorrow!!!!  It's hard to believe this two-year wild ride is coming to an end...and a beginning.  In less than three days, we will hold our baby girl who we have been waiting for, longing for, and praying for.  It's been a complete whirlwind of buying ticket, packing, organizing, cleaning, and joy the last few days but we are ready (almost).  Emma is coming with us, as well as Brendan's parents and my parents.  Thanks to all of you who have been a constant support to us with your prayers, encouragement, and help, we could not do this without you!  Thank you to my family who has helped us pack, clean, fed us, and hung out with Emma so we could get ready.  Thank you to our friends who are house sitting while we are gone.  Thank you to our church community for freeing Brendan to go with such enthusiasm and blessing (and helping carry the load while the music pastor is gone). We are pretty exhausted from all the preparations but very excited to be with Lilia!  We will be back on the 29th.  I will update the blog while we are in Addis Ababa if we are able.  We are coming baby girl!!!!


Mike and Amy said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures!
In His Love,

Ryan and Ashlie said...

I hope you have an amazing trip!!!!!!!! We cannot wait to see pictures from your adventure!!

*We greatly appreciate you squeezing our baby Easton into your schedule. We cannot wait to hear about him and see pictures!
With Love,
Ashlie and Ryan

Annie said...

I just got goosebumps reading your post! This is so wonderful. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers!

Francie & Forrest Towne said...

Praise the Lord. We are so happy. Just 2 more days until you get to hold her.