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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends - Geoff Welch. We've been talking a lot about sharing pregnancy pictures (of our wives!) and so here's a recent picture of Katie at 35 weeks. She's actually 36 weeks preganant right now, but the picture is dated. We're mostly ready for our little baby to come out, but are you ever totally ready? I think not.

Life has been pretty interesting the last couple months. We went home to Virigina for Thanksgiving to see Katie's family, which was wonderful. We enjoyed the time with her parents, brother, sister and grandparents. After coming back from Thanksgiving, it was just a couple weeks until school was out. We finished up the school semester, and then traveled north from Missoula to Whitefish, MT, for Christmas with Brendan's parents and grandfather. We've enjoyed having the extra space and time together with students off for the holidays. We're counting the days until our little girl is born, and we hope she comes out soon! Seriously, it is a strange time, waiting for our lives to be changed by this little life, but the changes don't really start until she's out. We really feel like we're just waiting around before we can get on with this next phase of life. We're trying to get in a few experiences that will likely be hard after she's born, like going to a movie, going out to dinner, etc. That's been fun.

So, below are a few pictures from the last two months.

This is Brendan's 28th (gasp!) birthday celebration at the Adams' home in Virginia.

This is Katie and her sister Rachel at home in Virginia before Rachel took off for Dehli, India.

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