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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is Emma's "I'm almost ready to eat but not quite yet" face. Pretty cute, huh? We are loving this adventure of parenthood and can't believe Emma is already a week old. We had her first doctor's appointment today. It was strange to drive to the hospital and remember the early morning she was born. It was the most difficult, beautiful thing I've ever done. And I'd do it all over again for her. It's amazing the newfound respect I have for women in their ability to sustain life and bring it into the world. God is pretty amazing in His design.
Anyways, Emma's first appointment went well. She has already gained back an ounce more than her birth weight. That explains all the feedings! Overall she is very healthy and in fine form. Wish we could say the same for us! We are bit sleep deprived and calorie deprived- not from lack of food but because we keep forgetting to eat. You other parents out there understand. But we are loving life and are so thankful. My parents come tomorrow to help out and get some good time in with their new grandbaby. We are looking forward to taking more naps, and maybe actually cleaning our house!... with their help, of course.
We're off to bed for the night. Pray for us, that we all (including Emma) sleep well.

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