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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slowly Resuming Life

Yay for Grandma and Grandpa! Grandparents to the rescue for us in the past week and a half. Katie's parents came out to help a week after Emma was born. They came to help exhausted parents who desperately needed naps, food, and the floor vacuumed. What a blessing to have Mom and Dad come over every morning while we would stumble out of the bedroom, hand off Emma, and go back to bed for a couple hours. That saved our life! Emma loved the being held all the time and bonding with her grandparents. Here's a few pics from the last week:
Emma's first meeting with Grandma:

Grandpa (a.k.a. "the Mattress- Emma would fall asleep on him anytime, anyplace)

Emma's been sleeping a little better through the night after a rough couple of nights of three hours for us, total. We bought a co-sleeper which attaches to the side of our bed and makes nighttime feedings 100% easier as well as giving us the bed back. Brendan's parents arrived yesterday and we are enjoying their company as well as more helping hands. Life is slowing starting to feel more managable, we went to church this morning for the first time since Emma was born. Emma did cry a bit and needed to eat right in the middle of the sermon, but we lived through it and no one gave us dirty looks. I think we will learn to actually do things in public again and maybe even enjoy them! It feels good to be getting back into the swing of life after three weeks away. Brendan starts work again full force tomorrow so that will be another adjustment. Thanks for all your prayers.

A typical portrait of Emma during the day (but not at night!)


Amy Smith said...

What a crazy adjustment parenthood is! I remember feeling so out of it those first few weeks after Brighton was born. We were getting NO sleep with him and his gas issues :) Thankfully baby #2 has been A LOT easier, since we're having to deal with the whole issue of Brighton freaking out, it helps to get a little more rest at night. We will keep you all in our prayers though! Adjusting to a new role of being parents with no sleep can make for a rough go, but suddenly you'll find yourselves 3 months out and totally in the hang of doing life again with your new little gal. You're going to LOVE it! She's so precious, by the way :)
Much love,
Our blog is www.minismith.com. You should check out some of our posts from right after B was born, with the no sleep. We could TOTALLY relate to where you all are at. (Actually, come to think of it, those were on www.minismith.blogspot.com in Sept 05 archives, I think?)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Emma is gorgeous. All my best,

Anonymous said...

errr...Leslie Moruza!