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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beach Photos

As promised, our beach pics from the last week. They're mostly of Emma, but I don't hear any complaints about that!

With Great Grandpa and Grandma Adams

With Grandpa on the minigolf course

Learning to play cards with Daddy

Meeting Great Grandma and Tom Rorrer

First time in the ocean- I'm convinced she WILL be a beach lover, it's in her genes,
even if she did cry when the waves reached her toes

On a walk with Daddy


Amy (Hall) Smith said...

Hey Katie!
I've been trying for over a week now to send an email to you in response to yours, but the address just keeps sending it back. Would you mind passing on your email address again? I had a HUGE email for you in response to the whole sleep stuff. And we're praying for you guys!!

Sarah said...

Ok hold up wait a minute....Katie? 501 Katie? I wasn't sure but I heard you'd fallen off the face of the earth and here I see that indeed you have not done that. (I may have googled you after a discussion of "What happened to..." and found your alls blog) A baby and a husband and beutiful pictures of a lovely life! You should so be sharing this with your old housies! Or at least Gini and Va and me...Sarah (was Livingston, now Kinzer). I'm glad to see such a happy life in place for you. And congrats on becoming a mommy! (and double congrats on not being able to tell from your figure...LOL...you look fantastic!)