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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fairbanks to Charlottesville to Emerald Isle and back!

Whew! It's been a hectic two months since the last post. We have been traveling all over the U.S. to spend time with family. What a rich time it has been though! Last June we traveled to Fairbanks, AK, Brendan's hometown to see the Jamieson side of the family as well as visit some of our friends there. We came back for a few short weeks in which Brendan and his dad went on a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park, we went to a wedding at Flathead Lake, and spent the fourth of July at Big Sky Lake with Brendan's parents, cousin and her family. After that we traveled to Virginia to visit my family and drive down to North Carolina for our annual beach trip. Emma has proven to be a seasoned traveler with 11 flights under her belt. We are currently surviving the weather in Missoula which has been 90+ every day. No air conditioning has forced us to learn the art of keeping a small apartment cool and perfect the iced mint latte on our espresso maker. We leave in a week to travel to Colorado for the InterVaristy Regional Staff Conference. God has been stirring a heart for prayer and stillness in our lives these days. The topic for the conference this year is prayer. I think it will be a great week of sitting with God, spending time with people who are doing the same thing we are and who love college students, and free child care during the day! What a gift that will be. Be in prayer for us as we are at a crossroad, trying to discern what is next for us and hear God's voice in regards to the future.

Emma has been a constant joy and delight to us. It is amazing to see her little personality develop. She is a happy baby who is constantly flashing smiles at anyone who will look her way. She is also a busy little lady who is almost crawling and constantly into anything she can get her hands on. She popped two teeth (the bottom center teeth) at five months which promptly gave way to us feeding her solid foods. She had been mooching for about a month at the point and we figured when you feel guilty eating in front of your child it might be time for solids. Diapers have become a new smelly experience. She still is not a great sleeper but has changed her 3-4 night wakings to 1-2. Praise God for that, I thought we were going to self-combust if we didn't get some sleep.

Here are some pics of the last two months. I will post the Virginia and north Carolina pictures soon. Hope you enjoy!

A Red Socks fan in the making?

Emma after we had taken away her bananas
(You see how much she loves her food!)

Glacier National Park

In Alaska with our friends Geoff and Nicole and their daughter Maddy

Brendan and Geoff's coffee shop concert

Fourth of July with Brendan's parents and cousins

A musican in the making?

Check back for the VA pictures soon!!

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Ben and Anna said...

Thanks for posting! I have been waiting on pictures for so long. Good to hear that the last two months have been so fun traveling with family and friends. We need to catch up soon. Love you guys!